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If you want to make a difference, you have to be different!
John Lein

Candidate for Kingsville Town Council

Thank you for considering me as your candidate for Kingsville Town Council!

A bit about me…

I am married with grown children and young grandchildren. The youngest one (still at home) is off to start her studies at the University of Windsor this fall. Our other children are living overseas in; England, Toronto, Windsor and Essex. My wife Kim and I will be "empty nesters" this September. That will be bitter sweet, a big change for us.

Lastly, my 55th birthday is sneaking up on me this year.

By education I am a graduate from Ryerson University (formally Ryerson Polytechnical Institute; Toronto1985), from the Landscape Architecture Program. It was a wonderful experience, that I have had the pleasure to continue in during my entire life journey. Some folks fall into what they love to do, and that is definitely the case with me.

By career I have had the pleasure to work at St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology starting back in 1993. Twenty Five years of fulfillment and I'm still loving it!

Currently, I am the Coordinator and a Professor of the very much respected Landscape Horticulture Program. I also serve on various committees; I am the Worker Representative Co-Chair for the JHSC (Joint Health & Safety Committee) at the college, a member of the grade appeal committee and also a proud member of the Campus Greening Committee.

By design I have always been able to execute and showcase my creative side through my small business designing residential and commercial landscape projects. My client base includes folks in and around Essex County, providing a homegrown fulfillment. You can check out my professional design page

By personal development I strived to help an even larger base of clients, in which I began to develop apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Most of my apps are related to landscape construction and estimating - a world very familiar to me. You can check out my iPhone / iPad apps
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Voting Day: Sometime in October 2022

I would appreciate your support and a vote for me as one of your council members.

The timing is right for me to serve you on council for the next 4 years. I want to help you, to help our town, to make our Kingsville even better, more beautiful, and more exciting than it even is now!

I'd like to keep my campaign, vision and issues grass roots. I want to represent you. I don't want to be a one issue candidate. Your issue, is my issue.
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    I think John would be a wonderful addition to the Kingsville Town Council. He is a friendly, passionate, dedicated, and caring man both personally and professionally. He loves the town of Kingsville, is an amazing teacher, and a gifted landscape designer. I truly believe the Town would benefit greatly if John was on the council.
    Heather Horton
    Landscape Designer, Landscape Effects Group
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    John is a very warm, caring person who works very hard to make everything a little more beautiful than he found it. I think he will be the perfect fit for the people of Kingsville. Please consider voting for him.
    Kim Hunt
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    Progressive by nature, John is always trying and succeeding with new things. He has that great combination of traits - creative and innovative but also exhibiting practicality and utility. He is supportive, considerate and a natural mentor; his advice has benefited me and countless others on many occasions. His exceptionally good-natured personality meshes with everyone he meets. What an asset to have such a trustworthy and true professional such John, as a Councillor for the Town of Kingsville.
    Sandy MacDonald
    Professor, St. Clair College
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    I have known John and his family for my entire life. John is a hard working, get down to business individual who sincerely cares about the issues at hand and is willing to work hard for required results. I personally do not live within John's jurisdiction but I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him as a viable candidate.
    Ed Gaier
    Mold Making Manager
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    I have had the pleasure of working with John at St. Clair College for over four years now, and he truly has a heart of gold! Trustworthy, hardworking, and passionate about everything he does, are just a few of what I think are his best traits! He’s got my vote!
    Kaitlyn Brown
    Staff, St. Clair College


Strength and Experience + Your Voice

I would appreciate your support and a vote for me as one of your council members.

Voting Day
October 24, 2022