John Lein


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I look forward to meeting you during my campaign as I go door to door, during the summer and fall months leading up to voting day. I want to listen to you and note what your issues and concerns are.

If elected, I will do what I can to get you an answer, to get your problem reviewed, and or fixed. If our paths do not meet because of scheduling, feel free to send a quick note using the contact form provided on this page.
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    John is my Teacher and Program Coordinator at St. Clair College. Though I have only known John a very short time, it became very clear very quickly that John is genuinely altruistic by nature. Considering that he has dedicated his life's work to teaching and guiding his students to success, as well as giving his time as a valuable member of his Church, it came as no surprise when I learned that John desires to serve his community as a Councilor. John is incredibly kind, driven, hard working and passionate and Kingsville would benefit greatly by having John Lein as a member of town council.
    Megan Harper
    College Student
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    I was a classmate of John's back in high school. I watched John's sense of commitment in his work and in our conversations. The reason I can attest to John's integrity is that his work ethic and mine is virtually identical. I would, without hesitation, recommend John as a council member for Kingsville. We need fresh people that are eager to make things happen for a positive effect and I believe John is one of those people that will be aggressive and make things happen. He has my full support!
    Tim Willms
    Willtech Services
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    I have known John for over a decade and I know John is friendly, tactful and diplomatic. I see how dedicated John is to everything he does, always acting with integrity, caring and thoughtfulness. I trust what he says and the things he stands for. His leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in working with other council members. John would wholeheartedly represent Kingsville on Town Council.
    Maureen Pettit
    Dynamite Friend
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    Very loyal to family and friends. A good and trustworthy friend.Very good at problem solving. Never procrastinates when doing projects.
    Bart Vickery


Strength and Experience + Your Voice

I would appreciate your support and a vote for me as one of your council members.

Voting Day
October 24, 2022