John Lein


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My problem solving and conceptual design forethought, are skills that I can use to help develop policy for outdoor space and public use planning.

If you are a developer or contractor, I understand the issues with red tape and bureaucratic policy. I know the cost of doing business and I have always maintained that "profit" is not a dirty word. I don't want you to become overly concerned with procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense.

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Environmentally Friendly

Yes, I love anything outdoors. It's in me. Designing, gardening, and building stuff in an outdoor environment is my passion. I have been doing it a very long time and I still love it. I have a keen awareness of our worldly resources and work towards making a difference in every design or construction project I work on.

Kim and I have been remodelling and investing in our Kingsville home from both the inside and the outside. It is a passion of mine. A labour of love if you will. While I am a designer at heart, I am also a very accomplished builder and contractor.

Our big outdoor project this year is our new above ground pool with deck… Designed and built by us. I have never built curve stairs as shown below, but am up to the challenge.
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    I've had the pleasure of knowing John for almost 3 years. He works hard for what he wants and I know will work even harder for what we want in Kingsville. Keep up the awesome work!
    Jillian Comartin
    RN, Town of Kingsville
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    I've known John for five years. As a student of the Landscape Horticulture program at St. Clair College I found John to be a knowledgeable and encouraging educator who was great at engaging with the class or one-on-one helping me with a design technique. Since graduation we've become friends, and he's a great guy to hang out with as well! John is an experienced leader, problem solver, and all around good man.
    Alan Beaudoin
    Head Gardener, Beach Grove Golf & Country Club
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    I met John 5 years ago at college. He is always helpful and nice and patient to students. Always in a good mood and say positive words to us. He helped me build up my confidence.
    Lin Li
    Gardener, University of Windsor
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    Excellent coordinator of the Landscape Horticulture department at St. Clair College. Respected communicator/listener in regards to student issues and health and safety problems at St. Clair College. Always involved in various community events throughout Essex County.
    Jay Terryberry
    Professor, St. Clair College
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    Meeting John for the first time I could tell he’s a people person. He’s involved, caring, and most of all down to earth. It’s all about paying it forward with John.
    Nancy Young
    Retired, Ontario Hydro


Strength and Experience + Your Voice

I would appreciate your support and a vote for me as one of your council members.

Voting Day
October 24, 2022