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The Process…

You can narrow down most items, concerns and evaluation of ideas to the following (and in order of importance):

1. Safety
2. Functionality
3. Aesthetically Pleasing
4. Sustainability
5. Cost

I have been doing this process for years, and would like to continue with you and your ideas!

When it comes to planning, we have one shot at getting it right, let's take the time to create a plan that people want, or fix an existing issue to make it right.

We also need to work with our residence and business owners to plan for the future. I've participated in planning and executing 5, 10 and 20 year plans. I think it a good idea to prepare a similar plan for the town. Perhaps it's the architectural style of new buildings to continue with our past, creating affordable housing, land use and maintenance of infrastructure.

Let get all the stakeholders together and work it out. Then, once we have a plan, let's not shelf it, but rather, work to get it done.

Site Plan Control Policy

A very useful policy that allows municipal government to require builders and developers to follow specific regulations related to architectural style, total floor space, total green space, parking and other important site specific items. This would allow some control over the desire for developers to only meet minimum required plans.

Is There Anything Wrong With…

Keeping a reserve fund growing year by year to purchase capital items?
Holding the line on major purchases until we have money saved?
Improving infrastructure for the next generation?
Having a solid site plan process so we do not see concrete from street curb to business facade?
Keeping our green space?
Enhancing our green space?
Building affordable and attractive housing?
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The Greenhouse Industry…

The Talk
- Council is looking at amending / rewriting the Town's Official Plan, to include new processes etc. that would help to protect neighbours from smells, views etc. I am not apposed to the operation of marijuana greenhouses. As council we may not have the ability to ban outright anyway. We do have the ability to develop and enforce certain restrictions and regulations.

If I was elected to council I would advocate for changes to the Official Plan to include;

1. Moving all new marijuana greenhouse development including storage facilities to a new industrial park away from residential areas (location yet to be determined)… the Municipality of Kingsville is huge and we can do better than try to locate within town, even if land is zoned agricultural. We may need to purchase some properties to gather the setbacks I am proposing to the nearest neighbours.

2. Increased setback when building new facilities for growing, storage and shipping within the new industrial park.

3. Extensive site plan control to include landscaping site line buffers, ground water retention, etc.

4. Require the use of advanced filtering systems to remove that skunk smell within both new and existing facilities already approved and in operation.

5. Spray a type of odour mitigation chemical into the air that smells like "febreze". (others have tried this with some success).

6. Perhaps we can even go so far as to allow only certain types of strains of marijuana seeds / cultivars (as some give off that skunk smell while others smell less invasive).

7. Warehouse and shipping operations all in one location.

8. Industrial parks provide better municipal tax dollars than agricultural lands.

9. Housing for farm workers can become apart of this complex.

10. Retail may also be available within the industrial park.

11. Infrastructure can be build into this one park and not farm to farm as applications come in.

YES, the residence of Municipality of Kingsville have a say with greenhouse / hot-house operations in Kingsville.

There may be other ideas, willing to listen and learn.

With an industry that is in the $Billions, I don't think this is going away, so best we develop a plan that protects our neighbours and residence.
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    As a new faculty member to the Horticulture team at St. Clair College, I have had the absolute pleasure and utmost positive career experience to be; guided, instructed and mentored by our team leader. John Lein, a veteran faculty member, is well respected and acknowledged in our college community has created a path for me to journey (just as he has) with compassion, fulfillment and a genuine consideration in regards to our students education and personal development. I have personally witnessed John’s ability to implement teaching to a diversity of students with true regards to the needs and necessities in which regards the students for their most wellbeing.
    Wendy Trahan
    LKDSB Secondary Teacher & Professor - St. Clair College
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    I've had the pleasure working with John as a colleague for the past 16 years. He is a very hard working and dependable individual. Definitely someone you want working for you!
    Patrick Redko
    Professor - St. Clair College
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    John is my friend and neighbour, he is always lending a helping hand. John always goes above and beyond when he does anything, he is a hard working individual!
    Christina Heinrichs
    Resident, Town of Kingsville
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    John is my dad. From a young age, I learned the value of hardwork from him. My dad gives his all and works tirelessly to complete projects to perfection. He is personable and professional. He’ll listen to your issues, take them to heart and work towards a creative solution with openness and assertiveness. I’m confident that my dad will be an excellent contributor to the Kingsville Town Council, the people of Kingsville and the community.
    Serena Lein
    Family Law Lawyer, MacDonald & Partners LLP
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    John is a wonderful man with a heart of gold. He would be a great asset to the Kingsville town council as he is a dedicated and professional individual, with genuine respect for people and this community.
    Tara Legg
    Resident, Town of Kingsville

Some thoughts as your new council member…

I would like to think the past 25 years that I have been working at the college with students, colleagues and administrators, have helped to teach me many valuable life and political lessons. Creating policy, reviewing policy, listening to students, parents, staff, preparing for class etc. have helped to shape my commitment for excellence.

The Town & Municipality of Kingsville is a jewel, and that includes Cottam and Ruthven.

I'd like to see us capitalize on this for both residence and commercial owners. I want to create an atmosphere that is enjoyed by all. When you walk through our core, you can't help but notice there is a good vibe happening out there. Restaurants, shops and cafes' attract much attention and pedestrian traffic. Other core businesses are also established here. I'd like to see us enhance this jewel.

Keeping tax rates low, is a goal of most councillors. While I do not have a crystal ball, I would propose we provide better incentives to bring commercial and industrial business to the area. We can by design, hopefully then enlarge our tax base revenue (new business), and hold the line on taxes for existing customers.

I know vehicular traffic circulation is a problem in certain parts of town, and hope I can move forward a plan to review and provide recommendations to resolve. This is a major issue for many of you. There are 7 traffic lights within the small town of Kingsville. The lights themselves are not the issue causing traffic jams, but rather, having all those enter / exit driveways in such close proximity to each other. We need a single entrance / exit point, that feeds those specific retail stores.

Let's figure it out and get it done. The end.

Our trail system is under-utilized. I know, I jog it when time allows… Sometimes it's very busy with pedestrians, dog walkers and bikers, but most of the time it feels like it's just me out there. I wonder if there were some other amenities if more folks would enjoy the trails.

Can our trail system be enhanced to actually connect the end user with a destination? Could our trail system, be connected to our waterfront, various parks?

The people living and working here enhance our beautiful waterfront town.

Let's keep the momentum moving forward on our waterfront system. We now have the framework for a beautiful public space, right on the water. Let's not stop there. Passive trails? Play space? Twin the arena?

We have a great sports facility, including the arena, baseball and soccer fields. Do we need an swimming facility added to this list? I think so.

A swimming pool added to our recreation facility is good for people of all ages. Programming for young ones, to learn to swim, hold parties, and for others to join in water type exercise programs etc. is a great addition to our recreational programming.

If I was asked "What are my top priorities"?

Listen To You - I will come to your home, or business or if you prefer, you can come into ours. I need to clearly understand what you are asking for. We, as councillors are the conduit between you (the people of Kingsville) and administration.

Debate With Others
- I've learn the best way to get something done is to get all the parties together and discuss a workable plan. We need to figure out, the cost, the return on investment and the needs of the residence.

React and Move Forward
- Lastly, I need to work with those folks who can make it happen.

My friends and family are supporting me in this new role. I hope you come to realize I am not afraid of hard work, doing what is right, and moving items along to get things done in the best interest of all. It would be my pleasure to represent you for the next 4 years on Kingsville Town Council.

Going Door-To-Door…

The Stats
- Since early July, I have been campaigning door-to-door. Not simply dropping off campaign cards, but ringing the doorbell or knocking on a door. I have been meeting many wonderful, enthusiastic folks. I have had discussions with business owners, developers and of course, homeowners.

Many of you are very knowledgeable about issues, others are simply happy to see me working the beat. Most were inspired by my message. This past week (October 2018), I have hand delivered approximately 1300 campaign cards to rural residence with roadside mailboxes. In total I have personally knocked on or visited over 7000 homes.

I am hard working. I don’t know how to slow down.

I have come to understand and recognize that issues are different and some very unique.

1. Young families wishing for more activities and programming.

2. Retirees wishing for a swimming pool and more outdoor activities.

3. Constituents both for and against new development be it greenhouse, new subdivisions and related increase in traffic.

4. Empty Nesters looking to sell their current home and downsize into affordable and attractive housing.

5. For those living along the water, water management becomes a key issue.

6. Road improvements, enhanced bike paths and walking trails.

7. New high school, twining the arena, pickle ball courts, lawn bowling, tennis courts.

8. Traffic calming measures (speeding).

9. Infrastructure upgrades, water pressure, clean water supply, sewers, control run off.

10. Improve parks, plant more trees, shrubs, maintain existing plantings.

11. Revisit the permit process and related costs for new homeowners.

12. Lobby higher levels of government for increased grants.

13. Develop tighter site plan control measures to guide developers to maintain our small town atmosphere. Discussions and some limits around architectural style, pedestrian circulation, parking and land use.

“As a career designer / planner, app developer and small business owner, I have this keen ability to take a blank property and fill it with wonderful objects, shapes, plants including cool, and fun ideas that work for clients.”

A councillor with creative problem solving skills helps all of us when faced with a new challenge. I AM THAT COUNCILLOR.
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Strength and Experience + Your Voice

I would appreciate your support and a vote for me as one of your council members.

Voting Day
October 24, 2022